Barron Property Services has multiple out-of-state investors who employ our company for walk-through reviews, full estimate work ups, as well as acquisition advice.

Once the purchase is completed, construction begins and soon after follows the new tenants. We provide all of the above services and are experienced managers who know how to develop all aspects of investment properties ranging from small single family units, to large-scale multi-unit apartment complexes.

Barron Property Services is a full service management and development company. We offer full rehab estimates, in house, full-time construction employees, general contracting, and finish work.  Our renovation and rehab estimates are focused on providing both a cost effective renovation as well as presenting a rental property that will shine during the rental process.  BPS specializes in being able to identify and suggest specific renovation points that can increase the rental rate as well as decrease the lease-up time.  By modifying certain aspects of a property, sometimes at a reduced cost, we are able to maximize the potential of your investment, without "over-improving" the property. 

On the management side, we employee full-time field managers, property managers, office personnel, and maintenance workers. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured with an extensive track record. We work with local Realtors and REO brokers to evaluate potential rehab projects for clients. If you have a property you are interested in, please let us know, we can provide you with an abbreviated cost estimate for your offer, or a full line-item estimate.

By concentrating on development and management we are able to better serve our clients. Our company's directed efforts are on management and development and NOT sales, this allows us to honestly advise and work with our clients and their investment property needs.  This also allows BPS to freely work with all Realtors and agents as many of our investors have their own trusted Realtor, we are able to work hand in hand with the investors' specific Realtor.  BPS has many Realtors who refer other clients to us after seeing how we are able to increase their image and success by weeding out potentially troublesome investment properties.  Many Realtors are able to inform their clients who want to purchase a rental property, that they now have a trustworthy relationship with an outstanding property management and development company. 

Once a potential property is identified by the Realtor involved with the client, BPS is able to review the property and provide our experienced insight.  Our clients have a line item estimate for their property, detailing potential work required.  This estimate is often used to help gauge the offer price, counter price, or simply the viability of the investment property.  Once a property is located and the Realtor receives an accepted purchase agreement, we can normally set a start date prior to your closing date. This allows us to “hit the ground running” once you take possession. From the completion of construction, we provide full marketing and leasing. We manage properties with monthly reports and updates to owners.