Qualifying requirements

Thank you for considering renting from Barron Property Services. The following are general qualifying guidelines for application approval.

Residence History:

We look at your last 3 years of residency for positive, verifiable history. We ask your landlords about late payments, NSF checks, warrants, complaints, and condition of the property when you left. We also verify that notice has been given and that you did not leave with a balance due or collection account.


We require that you have verifiable income of 3 or more times the monthly rent. The income of multiple applicants can be combined.  (Some properties may vary based on property specific guidelines.)

We will contact your employer to verify your position, income and length of time with the company. You will need to provide 1 month of recent pay-stubs (2 for bi-weekly payments and 4 for weekly).

If you are self-employed, instead of pay stubs you can provide one of the following: 

(1) 2 banking statements showing deposits and monthly balances for each month, or

(2) a copy of a most current year's tax return with an accountant's signature, or

(3) 1 or more 1099's showing income for contract work.

Do you have other sources of verifiable income?

Social security, retirement or pension, trust funds, disability payments, substantial savings accounts, spousal or child support and second jobs are examples of acceptable sources of income when written verification is available. Tips or cash paid income can only be counted toward the gross income with verification from the employer in writing.

Have you paid your past obligations?

We look for evictions in the past five years as well as unpaid utility bills. Payment history, the amount of debt and amount of credit available is generally revealed in your credit report. Barron Property Services pulls the credit reports of all adults 18 years of age and over who will occupy the home. Applications that meet income and residency requirements generally are approved with security deposits of one month's rent. Applicants that have weak credit scores, recent bankruptcies, collections or slow payment history generally can be approved, but may be required to pay higher security  deposits after evaluation of income and residency.

Have you been convicted of a felony?

Barron Property Services runs a comprehensive background check. Please be open and honest about all previous felony convictions.

Other requirements

  • Valid photo identification, either a state driver's license or state photo identification card is required with the application.
  • Valid Social Security Card, or Resident Alien Card, Work Visa or Passport may be requested.
  • Completed, signed and dated application for all adults (18 and over) who will reside at the property.
  • All adults (18 and over) are required to sign a lease with the above identification provided. Children, ages 17 and under do not have to provide social security numbers on the application, but we do require the names and birth dates if they are to occupy the premises.
  • Pets may be considered for most properties with a separate security deposit. Please speak to an administrator if you plan to reside with any pet.

Barron Property Services may offset a weak area by strengthening another. For example, a larger security deposit or a qualified co-signer may offset weak credit or new employment.