Barron Property Services is a Property Management Company that changes the definition of typical Investment Property Management.  BPS provides a full suite of management services depending on our client's specific needs.  BPS provides monthly and annual reporting for all clients. The detailed reporting outlines all costs and all rental income to the penny. All reporting is tracked for an end of the year report as well for all clients.

All renovation projects and most unit turns are estimated prior to beginning work. The estimates include either line item, room by room detail of all work to be performed, or for smaller jobs, a general overview of the unit turn and the costs.  We do this to ensure our clients are comfortable and aware of renovations and repairs to their rental property prior to large expenses. 

BPS has a very stable background in construction and estimating. The investment world also demands for properties to be evaluated and for potential income and expenses to be estimated and reported prior to purchasing. The strength and accuracy of the reporting that BPS is responsible for is an integral part of our success.  Many real estate investors consult with us prior to purchasing an investment property to ensure they are aware of potential costs, repairs, rent ranges, and possible concerns to better equip themselves with the information needed to make an accurate and sound investment choice. 

Vacant Units and the Rental Process

Barron Property Services is equipped to handle all steps of the rental property process.  If a tenant is evicted or moves out, BPS will handle this.  The property is then secured and reviewed, photos are taken, estimate or a brief scope of work is typed and delivered to the owner.  Once the rental unit is ready to rent, BPS will market the property using a multitude of online, print ads, local resources, websites, leasing agents, industry contacts, leasing companies, as well as many other focused forms of marketing.  All applicants are screened during the BPS rental process.  A credit check is performed, judgment histories are noted, leasing histories are reviewed, job status, references, and a host of information is reviewed with the applicant during the application process.  BPS takes these steps to ensure a quality match with the applicant and rental property is achieved. 

Maintenance Division

A typical work week will have the BPS employees: painting and laying new carpet in an apartment, getting the rental unit ready for a new tenant. Making certain smoke detectors are up-to-date and replacing batteries. Meeting Fire Marshals at larger buildings for their scheduled inspections and making certain everything is up to code. Fixing a leaking faucet, a clogged bath tub, or a noisy ceiling fan, replacing a broken window or a non-working lock set. Responding to 24 hour emergency maintenance requests in the winter time for no-heat calls or frozen pipes in large buildings. Pumping out flooded basements and unclogging floor drains. Undertaking repairs to replace broken sewer lines or repair damaged electrical service lines. BPS provides all of these services and more on a consistent basis and primarily with all in house employees to gain both a cost savings for the client as well as maintain a high level of quality control.

Full Service Brokerage - Selling / Purchasing Listing Services

Whether it involves our full service investment analysis, renovation estimates, and rent range calculations, prior to purchasing an investment property, or if it involves a homeowner just needing to move and sell/purchase their home, BPS Brokerage services are here to assist with all of your needs.